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vika 5E1941017 for skoda auto parts 

Yu Billy
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Reference NO:5E1941017
Name:headlight; left; 

Applicable models of DPA 5E1941017:

Advantages of DPA 5E1941017:
Advantage one:
1) DPA mask adopts German Bayer brand products;
2) The material has good UV resistance, which guarantees that the DPA lampshade will not turn yellow within two years and will maintain good transparency after long-term use;
3) The surface undergoes a hardening treatment process to increase the hardness of the mask and reduce external scratches.

Advantage two:
1) The face shield adopts the robot hand gluing process, the amount of glue is even, the air tightness of the car lights is high, and the problem of water leakage is eliminated;
2) The appearance of the DPA lamp housing and the mask is tidy, and the holes of the mask and the lamp housing are accurate and firm

Advantage three:
1) Rear shell material: glass fiber reinforced modified PP (glass fiber content 20%);
2) Material advantages:
•The dimensional stability has been improved, the shrinkage rate is reduced, and the thermal deformation is small;
• Mechanical properties have been improved to varying degrees, such as rigidity and impact resistance;
•At the same time, the hardness, density and wear resistance are improved.

Advantage four:
1) DPA headlight mounting screws: the surface is treated with zinc-nickel alloy;
2) The appearance is consistent with the OE quality, with more detailed quality assurance;
3) After long-term use, it can still keep the appearance without rust.

Purchase link: http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en
Email: [email protected]

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