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5Q0121203AB-vika radiator fan complete

Yu Billy
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5Q0121203AB is intended to lower the temperature of the water tank, cool the engine cylinder and the air conditioner condenser in a timely manner, and extend service life of the engine.

Common faults of 5Q0121203AB:
1.Excessive noise of the fan motor and jitter of the product:
a)The excessive noise is caused by off-center fan blades most frequently; 
b)Concentricity between the motor rotor and stator is not sufficiently high.
2.The fan is unstable during operation and has a short service life.


Reference NO: 5Q0121203AB
Name: radiator fan complete
Brand: vika     

Applicable models of vika 5Q0121203AB
OCT 13-17 
GOLF 14-17;GOSV 14- 
A3 13-16;A3CA 15-16 
LE 13-16

Advantages of vika 5Q0121203AB:
1.The fan is made of PA6+30%GF material from Dupont, which is highly resistant to deformation;
2.The motor rotor is the product of a leading-edge and fully automatic process based on a composite riveting technique. It is therefore able to keep balance even in high-speed rotation without causing jitter;
3.The fan benefits from a more stringent noise reduction process centered on a mold design. Thanks to elaborately selected materials, high-quality plastic injection molding devices, and accurate control in each process step, the fan provides a noise level 20% lower than products of other brands;
4.The exclusive graphite carbon brush technique provides essential guarantee of the long service life of vika 5Q0121203AB;
5.The world leading OE electronic control module technique enables the motor to start smoothly while reducing power loss of the engine.
If 5Q0121203AB fails or generates excessive noise on the road, be sure to repair it in time. Change it if necessary to avoid occurrence of more serious faults.
Contact us:
Purchase link: http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en
Email: [email protected]

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