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6R0413031AT/6RD413031H- shock absorber for SKODA VW SEAT

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Function of 6R0413031AT/6RD413031H

The shock absorber is mainly used to suppress rebounding vibration of the shock-absorbing spring and impact from ground, and to guarantee driving comfort and smooth operations.

Common faults of 6R0413031AT/6RD413031H

1.Oil leakage of the shock absorber
2.Abnormal sound of the shock absorber


Reference NO: 6R0413031AT/6RD413031H 
Name: shock absorber
Brand: vika

Applicable models of 6R0413031AT/6RD413031H

Advantages of vika 6R0413031AT/6RD413031H

1.The piston rod is made of standard 45# subject to mechanical fine grinding, and chrome-plated as well. No oil leakage will occur even after prolonged use, thus providing a long service life;
2.The valve element is produced in a state-of-the-art process, which results in more stable product performance;
3.The world class NOK oil seal provides excellent oil resistance and tightness.
vika 6R0413031AT/6RD413031H is superior to competitive products in terms of material selection, processing accuracy, and operation performance. With these outstanding properties, the vika products are a synonym for unique quality assurance and respectable brand.

Contact us:
Purchase link: http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en
Email: [email protected]


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