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vika 5Q0819653-Cabin Air Filter For SKODA VW AUDI SEAT

Yu Billy
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Common faults of 5Q0819653
1. There is strong unpleasant smell in the car when the air conditioner is turned on;
2. The air conditioner fails to provide sufficient air.


Reference NO: 5Q0819653
Name: Cabin Air Filter
Brand: vika

Applicable models of vika 5Q0819653
KAR 18-/KOD 17-/KODR 18-/OCT 13-17;18-/SUP 15-
ART 17-/CR 17-/CRE 19-/GOE 14-/GOLF 13-17;20-/GOSV 14-/PA 15-/TER 18-/TIG 16-;17-/TIGL 18-/TOU 16-/TROC 18-
A3 13-16/A3CA 15-16/AQ2 17-/AQ3 19-/ATT 15-/RS3 16-16/TTRS 17-
AT 16-/LE 13-16;17-/TAR 19-

Advantages of vika 5Q0819653
1. High-grade active carbon material is adopted. The carbon particle content of filter paper is 450g/㎡, a level superior to similar products (320g/㎡). The filter elements provide 47 layers of filtering, leading to extraordinary air purification, and helping eliminate maze, formaldehyde, fungus, and smell effectively.
2. Thanks to electrostatic adsorption technology, the product is able to filter out 0.1 μm and larger particles effectively. The filter element is prevented from being blocked by dust and dirt, and consequently a normal output of the air conditioner can be maintained.
By effectively eliminating harmful matters from the air, vika 5Q0819653 contributes to higher air quality and a better environment in the car, thus protecting health of all riders.
How often should 5Q0819653 be replaced:
The replacement interval of a vehicle air conditioner filter element is generally dependent on vehicle conditions, external environment, season, and climate. In typical cases, for private cars used in cities, it should be replaced once every 10-20 thousand kilometers of mileage or about once a year.

When should the air conditioner filter element be replaced?
1. Smell it with your nose: If you are met by a stink or a smell of earth every time the air conditioner is switched on, the filter element should be replaced.
2. Feel it with your hand: Putting your hand at the air outlet, if the blower whirs but only provides a small flow of air, the air conditioner filter element is already blocked by dirt. It should be replaced in this case.
3. Inspect it with your eyes: Remove the air conditioner filter element. If much dirt is found, it should be replaced.

Contact us:
Purchase link: http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en
Email: [email protected]

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