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03C121111AM- OE double coolant regulator housing for SKODA VW

Yu Billy
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03C121111AM serves to control the flow of the circulating coolant, which is in high flow mode if the thermostat is switched on, and low flow mode if the thermostat is switched off.

Common faults of 03C121111AM:

1.Coolant leakage occurs due to aged seal of the thermostat or other quality issues;
2.An overheated engine disables normal opening of the thermostat valve, preventing high flow of the coolant;
3.The engine temperature rises slowly and the thermostat is stuck is high flow mode. As a result, the coolant temperature is unable to rise.


OE NO:03C121111AM
Name:double coolant regulator housing

Applicable models of Borsehung 03C121111AM:
FABI 09-14/RAPI 12-
PO 10-15

As a pure OE product, Borsehung 03C121111AM is backed by unique OE supplies and provides a competitive price.

How often should 03C121111AM be replaced?

A damaged 03C121111AM leads to incomplete combustion in the engine, which will in turn consume much more oil than usual. This will also exacerbate wear of the engine and shorten its service life.

If 03C121111AM exhibits any sign of coolant leakage, overheated engine, or slow engine temperature rise, it should be replaced immediately.

Contact us:
Purchase link: https://www.borsehung.de/en/service-form/
Email: [email protected]

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