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Equipment for ball joint repair: prerequisites for use, subtleties of operation and popular models

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Equipment for ball joint repair is very popular today. Why? I propose to sort this out together.

The quality of roads, unfortunately, is far from always meeting the standards that we would like to see. This is well known not only to all drivers, but also to passengers. The first thing that suffers from this is the ball joints, which during the movement of the vehicle experience destructive effects from all sides. In the picture, the zones of maximum load exerted on the nodal connection are marked in red:

Equipment for ball joint repair: picture of ball joint Sectional picture of a ball joint

The node itself consists of two elements:

  • Sleeve;
  • Swivel ball.

Between them is a special polymer, which:

  1. It softens the force of ball impact on the sleeve;
  2. Minimizes the effect of friction of metal parts against each other.

All problems, including wrest the wheel on its side, are possible if the polymer liner is worn, which is inevitable over time.

1-76-300x217.jpg Wrest the wheel-turned wheel example

SJR technology avoids such a catastrophic outcome and, with timely intervention, maintains the performance of the ball joint almost endlessly. How it works? Let’s figure it out.

SJR Technology

There are two methods for ball support recovery using SJR equipment:


Equipment for ball joint repair: removal of old polymer Removal of old polymer
  1. Drill a hole in the case of the sleeve;
  2. Burn the remains of the old polymer with a gas burner;
  3. In the extruder, melt a new batch of polymer
  4. Under high pressure, the molten polymer is injected into the cavity between the ball and the sleeve through a hole previously made.
  5. The solution fills all the voids, solidifies and forms a new liner, not inferior in its characteristics to the factory insert.

2. Demountable

The collapsible method is more complicated and longer, but also more efficient. It is used when there is significant wear on the ball joint, the appearance of rust on the ball.

In this case, the repair begins with the following steps:

  1. Cut the sleeve in half.
  2. Polish the ball.
  3. Brew sleeve.

The final steps are the same as in the previous method.



The advantages of using this technology are quite obvious. It:

  • Economic benefit. Recovery is always cheaper than buying a new part;
  • Universality. Suitable for the restoration of any ball joints and steering tips;
  • The compact dimensions of the necessary equipment. Even the largest machine can easily be rearranged from one place to another by one person and can be comfortably located not only in a spacious car service, but also in a small garage workshop;
  • Cheap consumables.

Variants of suitable equipment

The operations described above can be carried out using various equipment that differs from each other:

  • At the cost of;
  • In size;
  • Power;
  • In level of automation.

We will briefly consider four models presented on our website.

Equipment for ball joint repair – Light version

Equipment for ball joint repair - Light version

The simplest version of equipment for recovery of ball joints and steering includes:

  • An extruder for heating and forming a polymer consistency;
  • Three interchangeable adapter fittings, with which the solution is charged under pressure into the problem area;
  • Remote thermometer that allows you to monitor the temperature of the detail at a distance;
  • Five polymer rods, shipping container and instructions.

The pressure of such a device is only 25 kg / cm2 , and it needs a compressor with a capacity of 7-10 atm at the service station. The set is quite economical in terms of financial expenses, as it costs only 180 $, and is compact, but quite demanding on additional equipment and labor costs from the operator.

Equipment for ball joint repair – Modification 1

Equipment for ball joint repair - Modification 1

This model is reinforced:

  • A more powerful piston capable of creating pressure up to 80 kg / cm 2 ;
  • The control unit simplifies the operation of the device.

But it also costs a little more: 370 $.

Equipment for ball joint repair – Modification 2

Equipment for ball joint repair - Modification 2

In the next modification, the piston power reaches 100 kg / cm2 . But its main advantage is the presence of a high-quality mechanism for centering the ball joint. Such an addition allows during the introduction of the molten polymer to firmly and reliably fix the part in one position. This facilitates the work of the operator, and the quality of the result improves.

The cost of such equipment reaches 640 $.

Equipment for ball joint repair – SJR 3 machine

Equipment for ball joint repair - SJR 3 machine

The SJR 3 machine will cost 1 180 $ for your workshop, but will eventually work out every cent invested and will bring considerable profit from above. This is a fully automated unit, equipped with all technological advances.

Here are just a few of its most significant advantages:

  • The created pressure – 240 kg / cm 2 ;
  • Full control of the melting process;
  • Automatic nozzle feed;
  • Mechanical clamp and centering of the ball joint;
  • Robust cast housing.


The restoration of ball joints and steering tips using SJR technology is a technologically advanced, profitable and easily feasible process in the presence of the necessary equipment. It is noteworthy that such equipment is available in different price categories, so that every car repair shop can make the optimal choice for itself.

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