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DPA 6C0807109A for vw auto parts

Yu Billy
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6C0807109A is also called anti-collision beam, as the name implies, it is a kind of protection for the car and the people on the car in the event of a car collision, so there is another name called safety beam. The anti-collision beams on the market are of uneven quality. Choosing a good anti-collision beam is responsible for your car, yourself, your family and friends. At present, the original anti-collision beam of the main engine factory generally has a wall thickness of 2mm, while the thickness of the outside subsidiary factory has a large difference of 1mm, mostly 1.5mm. If you do an anti-collision experiment, imagine what is the consequence of a 1.5mm anti-collision beam colliding with a 2.06mm anti-collision beam?



Reference NO: 6C0807109A
Name: reinforcement for front bumper

Applicable models of DPA 6C0807109A:
PO 15-

Advantages of DPA 6C0807109A:
1.DPA 6C0807109A is produced in strict accordance with the OE standard material thickness, which is 2.06mm thick.

2.DPA 6C0807109A adopts the arc welding process to effectively prevent the formation of pores, slag inclusions, cracks and other defects in the weld from nitrogen and water vapor entering the molten pool, which deteriorate the quality and performance of the weld.

3.DPA 6C0807109A, the product weight is 5.95kg, the material thickness is 2.06mm, and it is developed and produced in strict accordance with the original factory standards.

Purchase link: http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en
Email: [email protected]

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