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06H906036G-OE injection valve

Yu Billy
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Functions of 06H906036G
06H906036G ensures full mixture of gasoline mist generated at the fuel injection nozzle and air in order to achieve complete combustion, improve fuel economy, and reduce environment pollution.
As 06H906036G can be easily blocked as a result of carbon deposition, smooth fuel supply may be impeded. The possible consequences include higher fuel consumption, unstable idling, and less powerful acceleration.


OE NO: 06H906036G
Name: injection valve

Applicable models of Borsehung 06H906036:
SKODA: OCT09-13/SUP08-14
VW: AMA10-/BE12-/CAMP12-/CC12-/EOS09-/GO07-/JE06-/PA08-/SCI09-/SHA11-/TIG08-/TR12-
A3 08-13/A4 08-/A5 10-/A6 11-/A8 10-/AQ3 12-/AQ5 09-/ATT07-
As a pure OE product, Borsehung 06H906036G provides maximum quality assurance and a very competitive price in the market. Welcome to make inquiries.

Notes for maintenance of 06H906036G
Given that 06H906036G is prone to blocking by deposited carbon, it should be preferably cleaned once every 40-60 thousand kilometers of mileage if the car is properly maintained and uses gasoline of good quality. During replacement of an original 06H906036G, please choose Borsehung brand.

Contact us
Purchase link: https://www.borsehung.de/en/service-form/
Email: [email protected]

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