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06H103495A-oil separator: superior to original products

Yu Billy
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Functions of 06H103495A

1.Maintain good lubrication performance of engine oil and extend its service life;
2.Maintain good conditions of different friction surfaces, and reduce wear and corrosion of corresponding parts;
3.Keep the pressure in the crank case at a level roughly equal to the atmospheric pressure, and reduce engine oil leakage;
4.Achieve full recycling and reuse of exhaust mixture, reduce atmospheric pollution, and improve cost-effectiveness of the engine.
Common faults of 06H103495A:

In the case of a flawed 06H103495A, during air inhalation, engine oil may be drawn into the air intake and the combustion chamber as well, followed by oil combustion. This will lead to higher oil consumption, less powerful acceleration, and insufficient power.
To address this issue, vika has developed a 06H103495A product that boasts greater performance than the original part in terms of sealing material, product structure, and wear resistance.

vika 06H103495A

Reference NO: 06H103495A
Name: oil separator 
Brand: vika

Applicable models of vika 06H103495A
A3 08-13/A4 08-/A5 08-11/ATT 07-

Core advantages of vika 06H103495A:
1.With an additional relief valve incorporated, the upgraded version now features dual relief valves, which prevent surplus engine oil from being inhaled and causing oil combustion;
2.The oil discharge hole has been enlarged from 2.2mm to 3mm, a change that greatly facilitates oil return flow and avoids blocking of pipes by sludge or impurities;
3.The diaphragm made of aramid fiber and fluorocarbon silicone rubber provides better sealing and resistance to wear. It is therefore less prone to corrosion and more durable;
4.A laser welding process results in excellent sealing performance and avoids leak of air.
vika 06H103495A completely eliminates combustion of engine oil, and consequently provides full protection against high oil consumption, weak acceleration, and insufficient power.

Quality assurance of vika 06H103495A covers more than 80,000 km of mileage.
Contact us:
Purchase link: http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en
Email: [email protected]


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