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Borsehung 06H198229A+06H109158J+06H109158N+06K115225H

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06H198229A+06H109158J+06H109158N+06K115225H is comprised of tension pulley, tensioner, guide rail, and timing chain required for a timing transmission system.


OE NO: 06H198229A+06H109158J+06H109158N+06K115225H
Name: repair kit for timing chain
Brand: Borsehung

Borsehung 06H198229A+06H109158J+06H109158N+06K115225H is a pure OE product with very competitive price in the market and unique supply sources. It is applicable to VAG 1.8T/2.0T engine.

Borsehung 06H198229A+06H109158J+06H109158N+06K115225H applicable models:
A304-13/A3CA08-13/A408-/A4AR10-/A4Q08-/A5CA10-11/A5C008-11/A6 11-14/A6Q11-14/A8 10-/A8Q10-/AQ312-/AQ5 09-/ATT07-14

Function of 06H198229A+06H109158J+06H109158N+06K115225H

While the engine is in operation, the piston travel, valve opening/closing, and ignition sequence need to be synchronized all the time, and such synchronization is achieved with the connection function of the engine timing mechanism. With this mechanism in place, it is possible to guarantee the following time coincidence for each cylinder: When the piston moves upward to the upper dead center, the valve closes and the sparking plug ignites exactly at the same time.

How frequently should 06H198229A+06H109158J+06H109158N+06K115225H be replaced?

A broken part of the timing transmission system may cause the car to break down on the road, or even damage the engine in serious cases. It is due to this reason that the timing transmission system should be regularly replaced, and such replacement is mandatory for every 80 thousand kilometers of mileage.

Contact us
Purchase link: https://www.borsehung.de/en/service-form/
Email: [email protected]

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