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1K0959455EA-radiator fan For SKODA VW AUDI SEAT

Yu Billy
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OE NO: 1K0959455EA
Name: radiator fan
Brand: vika

1K0959455EA introduction: 
The radiator fan forms a critical part of the cooling system on a vehicle. Properties of the radiator fan have direct implications for heat dissipation effect of the engine and consequently its performance. An improperly selected fan may result in insufficient or excessive cooling of the engine, cause the operation conditions of the engine to worsen, and eventually take its toll on engine function and service life. Apart from that, since the fan accounts for about 5%~8% of total power output of the engine, it is becoming an increasing concern from the perspectives of environment protection and energy consumption reduction

1K0959455EA common faults: 
1. Too loud noise of the fan and the motor;
2. Excessive vibration of the fan in operation.

vika 1K0959455EA advantages: 
1. Low wind noise
The unique noise reduction design of vika fan strikes a perfect balance between temperature and wind resistance indexes, and ensures accurately interactive temperature control. It provides a wind noise level 20% lower than competitive brands in the market.
Made of the same material as OE products, the blades of vika fan are extremely resistant to deformation, and bring the unique noise reduction design of vika into full play.
2. Vibration-free
The vika motor rotors benefit from a leading-edge fully automatic process, in which a composite riveting technique is used to guarantee satisfactory rotor balance and core performance when the motor rotates at a high speed.

vika 1K0959455EA applicable models: 
A1 11-14/A304-13

Contact us
Purchase link: http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en
Email: [email protected]

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