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038103469AD- Cylinder head cover vika auto parts

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Reference OE NO: 038103469AD

Name: Cylinder head cover

Brand: vika


038103469AD introduction:

038103469AD, an engine cylinder head cover, is used on top of the cylinder head. While protecting the camshaft, it forms an enclosed holistic structure together with different engine components, thus creating a favorable operation environment for devices and parts in the engine.


038103469AD functions:

038103469AD is a cover accommodating the cylinder head;

It prevents lubricant loss or engine contamination due to lubricant spill;

It prevents outside dust from polluting the valve mechanism and maintains a clean environment;

It prevents noise of the valve mechanism during movement from getting out and helps lower overall noise of the machine.


038103469AD common faults:

Oil leakage is among the most common faults of engine 038103469AD! Such leakage makes the car harder to be started, causes abnormal noise, and in severe cases may degrade engine power output. It is recommended that the maintenance manual of the specific car model be consulted and that 038103469AD be replaced regularly.


vika 038103469AD applicable models:


FAB 00-04;05-08;07-10/OCT 01-11;04-08;09-13/RO 06-10/SUP 08-13


BE 99-10/BEC 03-10/BO 99-05/CA 04-11/GOLF 98-09/GOPL 05-09/JE 06-10/PA 06-11/PO 02-10/TOU 03-10


A3 01-13


ALT 04-06;07-10;11-13/CO 03-05;06-09/IB 02-05;06-10/LE 00-01;02-06;06-10;11-13/TO 99-01;02-04;05-09


vika 038103469AD advantages:


Higher resistance to shock: The vika cylinder head cover contains 30% glass fiber, representing the highest quality standard throughout the industry;


The contraction rate is reduced to 5%;


The high strength, excellent sealing effect, and performance comparable to OE products make vika 038103469AD a highly competitive product in the market.


Purchase link: http://www.tantivy.com/?page_id=2194&lang=en

Email: [email protected]

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