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6Q4837461J-Window regulator for VW parts

Yu Billy
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6Q4837461J-Window regulator

Reference OE:6Q4837461J
Name:Window regulator

6Q4837461J Information:
Fitting Position:Front Axle Left
Operating Mode:Electronic

6Q4837461J Car models:

6Q4837461J Advantage:

1. Тhе rоре through hоlе ѕіzе іѕ іmрrоvеd tо Ф 2.2, аnd the ѕіzе оf Ф6.2 holes are changed to 9.3. Increase the thickness of the contact surface to make better stability of the guide tube.
2. High-strength steel rope and guide tube elements are added to ensure stability while improving service life of the product.
3. A higher content of glass fiber is used in the guide plate to fully improve product ductility and strength. Polyformaldehyde (POM) +30% GF.
4. The product structural design is improved to achieve a larger contact angle, thus leading to stronger wear resistance of the guide wheel and longer service life of critical parts.


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