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03C121004J-Water pump

Yu Billy
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Name:Water pump
Reference OE NO:03C121004J

03C121004J Information:
Operating Mode:Electrically Controlled
Operating Mode:Mechanical
Pulleys:with v-ribbed belt pulley
Supplementary Article/Info 2:with water pump seal
Water Pump Type:for v-ribbed belt use

03C121004J Applicable models:

03C121004J Introduction
1   The bearing is ball-pole style, hardness degree reaches 0.8-1.5mm in HF heating process, and it can bear bigger radial force and tenacity. The grease is ESSO UNIREX N3. 
2   High quality ceramics seal Al2O3 prevent water leakage and reduce noise. 
3.  Impeller material is PPS+GF, with better kinetic balance and hard to distort or fall off. 
4.  Pump housing material is ACD12 aluminum, with high density and hard to cause porosity or distort. 
5.  The advanced displacement control system ensures the assembly accuracy. Each water pump passes the dynamic and static leakage test before delivery

This product is an electromagnetic clutch water pump. It is the product represented by the most advanced technology and has the leading edge in technology.

03C121004J-Water pump11211504101.png.dca66c9759ca99e175b13fe2301141b1.png

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